A selection of reviews from around the world.

UK & Ireland

This magnetic revelation of a fascinating character, simply compels a standing ovation.The Irish Times Dublin
Crean lived, and did more than survive – he triumphed, and Dooley’s performance is no less than a triumph.Sunday Tribune Dublin
Aidan Dooley’s one-man show is a charming, funny, perfectly pitched account of an ordinary man who helped to turn the wheels of history.The Scotsman
This one-man show is a genuine small pleasure, the kind of piece that gives you an insight into unseen and unsung lives.The Guardian
By the end, you almost believed you’d been there too, so perfectly does Dooley conjure the jaw dropping battles against the elements and perilous hazards of the frozen south. It’s enough to make your hair stand on end.The Daily Telegraph


An Unparalleled portrayal. It isn’t the destination; it is the journey. Mr Dooley’s effort s so vividly embodies that maxim you almost believe it.New York Times
Aidan Dooley gives a compelling solo performance in this ripping good yarn about real-life adventurer Tom Crean…the charismatic Dooley recounts the riveting tale of an ordinary man who showed extraordinary courage.New York Daily New
Earnest and heartfelt. Dooley’s impassioned chronicle of heroic determination is so satisfying, theatergoers should be up for the journey.Time Out New York
A banquet for the ears. Words create adventure that’s just as vivid as the special effects in a Hollywood Bonanza.Variety


You will go to the end of the earth to find theatre this rewarding.The Australian
His is an amazing story, told with engaging flair and shrewd detail. This is outstanding theatre, do not miss it.The Adelaide Revie
Dooley’s graphic account of the triumphs and the tragedies makes you feel as though you are there.Sunday Mail
Crean’s experiences makes a satisfying story in the talented hands of Dooley.Adelaide Theatre Guide